Our Christmas Letter

Alan & Mary’s Christmas Letter 2002

Imagine how the shepherds felt, their fear transformed to awe?Imagine how the angels sang, and what the wise men saw?Imagine perfect peace and hope sleeping in the hay,Then feel the joy that miracle, still brings our hearts today.
Merry Christmas Friends & Family! This past year has filled our lives with many blessings and experiences. Mary began working at The Children’s Workshop here in town earlier this year. She loves working with kids, and this new job has brought her far more enjoyment than engineering ever did. I knew this new job would either accelerate our family plans, or push them out a little further. Needless to say, the ‘baby spirit’ visited us quite strongly this past year and we are now expecting our first child in June of 2003! My work continues at Hewlett Packard here in Fort Collins. I’ve been serving as Scoutmaster and 2nd counselor in the Young Men’s Presidency in our ward this past year (I’m just starting to remember how much fun fire was as a scout). Mary continues to serve in the Achievement Days program in the ward. I’ve made the decision to continue my education by seeking a Masters Degree of Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University here in town. Life is hectic, but the blessings are great. Mary and I managed to move into our first home this year and are loving the added freedom new home ownership brings. We’ve managed to add a couple new varmints to our family as well. Mary has been teaching me the ropes of pet ownership and love. We adopted a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel named Gulliver in May. A new born kitten was added to the mix in August. We call her Lilly. Together, they keep us on our toes. Through the many blessings and miracles we’ve felt and experienced this past year, one thing remains certain: Great is the hand of the Lord, and humble are the blessings that have flowed from His hands to ours. May His peace and His love abide with you this holiday season. We miss and love you all. Our lives would be quite empty without your love and friendship.With Love,Alan & Mary Pippinhttps://www.pippins.netapippin@pippins.netmpippin@pippins.net

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